Do you think Mui Ne an ideal place to escape from  brusting cities for a peaceful but exciting destination? And what can we tourists do there? Truly, there are a lot of things to experience in this gorgous place. Let’s discover what to do in Mui Ne. 1. Visiting Sand Dunes. White Sand Dunes –

The first bowling club Super Bowl in Mui Ne within a radius of 250 km accommodates 10 playlines and gives you unlimited freedom to play !!! Fun and actively spend an evening with your friends over a game of bowling, and perfect mood is guaranteed to you!

Mui Ne’s untouched beauty is known by the thousands of tourists every years, transportation system here is also well developed. Mui Ne Go shared for you some information about how to get in Mui Ne and now Mui Ne Go will give you some helpful experiences about how to get around Mui Ne, which make you have a easy and fun trip here.