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It looks like as of 2020, the v1 hue bridge will work with Alexa without the skill. b. As far as I can tell, you won't be able to sync the lights to a third party application (such as syncing it to music, or what's on your monitor) without having the actual Hue … Either alexa or google_home. To get started, select the "Enable Skill" button in the Alexa App to link your Philips Hue account and say, "Alexa, discover devices”. “We can also provide a solution and then it’s even the more intuitive solution. My question is this … It is no longer necessary to define type. Follow the on-screen instructions to link your Hue account (the one you created in step B above) to the Alexa skill. I have a Hue Bridge connected to Hubitat via the Hue Bridge Integration. One of the cheapest Amazon certified bulb is the $25 one from Yeelight, which is from a start-up, has 16 million colors, and works with a Yeelight Alexa Skill. The new Bluetooth Bulbs will also — without the Philips Hue bridge — work with Alexa through the Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show. The Philips Hue Smart Home skill functionality is only compatible with the Philips Hue Bridge V2 (square shape). Enable Hue Bridge emulation and perform a device discovery in the Alexa app. If you buy a hue bridge you would be able to use the bulb with both smartthings and Alexa at the same time. Essentially you have to debug the Hue Bridge and manually revoke authorizations. Looking for an easy way to integrate Alexa into Home Assistant without any cost? To get started, select the "Enable Skill" button in the Alexa App to link your Philips Hue account and say, "Alexa, discover devices”. Before you start the first thing that needs to be done is to create an account on this site. Disable and re-enable the Philips Hue skill using your Alexa app. -Removed the Hue Alexa Skill-Confirm the Hue App is logged in with the 2nd MeetHue Account that is attached to the new Bridge.-Re-add Hue Skill on Alexa, use the new MeetHue account to login. After you have created an account you need to define some devices to control. Then Alex said "not repsonding". All you need is an Amazon speaker like Echo or Echo Dot and an Amazon Alexa skill. I am about ready to send everything back and request a return of my money. Alexa would only support multiple Hue bridges through multiple Amazon accounts or third-party cloud … I ended up revoking all, including the ‘virtual device’ you add to get the api key, and starting over. I don’t have 3 – 4 hours every two weeks to try and make these lights work. With the Philips Hue skill and Alexa, you can now interact with your Philips Hue lights, rooms, scenes, and colours. Once you've set up your Philips Hue lights – using the instructions on the box – and connected your Philips Hue with Amazon Alexa as instructed above, you can start thinking about exploring the different features available. I removed the hue skill again. The difference there is that some features are Amazon Echo only, such as drop in and calling features. You can do this by clicking here. Hello, Question concerning using Alexa for my Hue bulbs. How to set up Philips Hue 'skills' with Amazon Alexa. I tried several times without success. Homebridge + Alexa. c. Use the Forget option in the Alexa app to disconnect your bridge from the Echo and try to link them again. In order to use Hue with Alexa, you’ll have to enable the Hue skill in the Alexa app. With Google, we can at least use the “household” feature to invite household members to share a Philips Hue bridge. Search for "Philips Hue Bridge V1 (round)" in the Alexa App to discover devices. The Alexa app doesn’t see the hue bridge or the hue lights and, yes, the hue skill has been enable on Alexa. Alexa is limited in its “skill” sets…I want my lights to sync with music and movies…so I got the bridge. This will connect all of your Hue lights to Alexa in one go. Granted, there’s no harm in having a ton of Alexa Skills installed, as it doesn’t take up any storage. Here is an excerpt from the Philip Hue skill page: Note: Basic lighting functionality (on / off / dimming) is available without the Smarthome skill and is compatible with Philips Hue V1 (round) and V2 (square) bridges. With the updated Philips Hue skill for Amazon Alexa, simply ask Alexa to change your light to a color of your choice. The button on the Philips Hue Bridge is not very difficult to locate…it’s the only button. For control of lights, color control (introduced in version, on/off, and dimming is supported. The Philips Hue Bridge 2.0 is the brains behind your smart home system, allowing you to control your Philips Hue devices using the Philips Hue app on your mobile device. This node allows you to hook up Node-RED to react to your Amazon Echo. I added the Hubitat Elevation skill to Alexa and shared the Hue bulbs but Alexa could no discover the bulbs. ²Not all functionality is available on all devices with Amazon Alexa. To link, Alexa can be asked to discover devices, and then run a similar set of abilities as the Bluetooth app, although more limited. But we have received this request from many Hue fans and it is on our radar. Disable and re-enable the Philips Hue skill using your Alexa app. ¹The Philips Hue Smart Home skill for Alexa is only compatible with the square-shaped Philips Hue Bridge v2. If you have purchased the Philips Hue Bluetooth lights via with your Amazon account, … Create Account . type string (Optional, default: google_home) The type of assistant which we are emulating. Configuration Variables. b. Node-RED Alexa Home Skill Bridge. There isn't a unique Sonos One skill. If the Amazon Echo does not connect to your Philips Hue here is the solution: a.

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