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Davis and Unbound Medicine. (Christianity, theology) The study of the Holy Spirit as revealed in Scripture. The Bible is the only source … The term is derived from the Greek word Pneuma, which designates "breath" or "spirit" and metaphorically describes a non-material being or influence. Ecclesiology, soteriology, missiology, eschatology, and pneumatology are expressive terms attached to various understandings or interpretations of God, or the acts of God. F. Pneumatologie. What made you want to look up pneumatology? The doctrine of the Holy Spirit is indeed a Bible doctrine. — pneumatologist, n. — pneumatologic, pneumatological, adj. ‘The relation between Christology and pneumatology has been an important element of contemporary ecumenical discussion especially between eastern and western Christians.’ ‘It is true, of course, that every Christian belief is related to all the others; but pneumatology in particular would seem to be a zone of theology that can hardly be entered except by an indirect route.’ Critical thinking guided by knowledge of God’s revelation in Scripture must be used to interpret and evaluate spiritual intuitions and experiences.22 Conclusion Despite the fact that the Holy Spirit is the member of the Trinity whose work is most prominent in the present age, much confusion and controversy surround pneumatology, the study of the Spirit. New Latin pneumatologia, from Greek pneumat-, pneuma + New Latin -logia -logy. the doctrine or theory of spiritual beings. Since the beginning of the New Testament Church many Christians are uninformed about the Spirit reflected by the church at Ephesus. When placed alongside process theology, the, El segundo capitulo, <

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