broccolini leaves edible

Sounds like your potted broccoli may be stressed. But, don’t expect it to produce lots of big crowns over time. I’m so sorry to hear about your ankle, but it sounds like it has come with some tiny food knowledge blessings too. Since broccoli grows best in cool environments, … We tried it just simply steamed with supper as we wanted to know how it was. It doesn’t form a head, but is instead grown for the leaves and buds… and I think it’s delicious too! Another variety, Spigariello, is a non-heading Italian broccoli grown for its leaves. Sounds delicious! Roll leaves and cut, when finished will appear like noodles. What should we do next year to improve production of heads. Sight unseen, it’s hard to know for certain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It can be sautéed, steamed, grilled, stir-fried, boiled, roasted, and even eaten raw. The dense, flower heads are the classic way we know broccoli, but harvesting broccoli leaves gives another way to use the plant. Enjoy! Thanks for the in-depth notes and photos! I cook the leaves with the carrots, cauliflowers or broccoli and eat them too. Thanks for sharing! Is this normal? Eating broccoli leaves gives you another source of the plant’s high content of fiber, vitamins C and K, iron, and potassium. In Italian, the word ‘broccolini’ means baby broccoli, hence it’s other common name. Yes, broccoli leaves, stems and crowns can be frozen. Thanks for sharing Britney & congrats on your harvest! The site is here all the time as are our online seminars and IGTV videos. Once the central crown is removed from the plant, you can begin trimming out a few leaves from the plant on a regular basis. , Thank you Betty, I too have good -looking greens from my broccoli, and did not want to waste them. It’s a robust flavor, both earthy and grassy. They are overly shading my carrots and other vegetables. You *might* be able to remove some lower leaves on your broccoli, but that may also end up stressing the plants. Hi it’s me again.We built a green house and have a lot of different veggies planted and growing.We get so excited to see all the growth.So much fun.We are learning though threw sights like yours.Love this sight.Would love any tips from all of you.Thank you so much. Broccolini is not some form of baby broccoli as the name might suggest. Plants that have edible leaves include, snap beans, lima beans, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, okra, kohlrabi, peas, sweet potatoes, radish, and squash. Thanks! Sometimes when they’re planted too close together, broccoli can struggle to create good heads. They havent yet but now I know enough to keep this sucker going! I had what I thought was a cauliflower plant growing in my raised beds. and yes, we thought it wud be good to eat the leaves but were worried it would affect the growth of the heads if we cut them now! Great article we keep broccoli in the garden for months here on Kauai, it just keeps producing lots of florets and loads of delicious leaves! Sauteed Broccoli Rabe Recipe : Giada De Laurentiis : Food Network. There are many factors that could have gone into this issues. Here's What Science Says. Serve as a side to crispy roast chicken and you won’t be sorry. Since they got so big, I’m having to water more. But since I only have NE exposure, they don’t get enough sun to develop florets- none that I can see, and they are at least 70 days old. Although it is partially comprised of broccoli, unlike broccoli, broccolini has very small florets and a tender stem (no need to peel!) Your email address will not be published. Thanks for doing this and I will bookmark your page as a good source of clear complete information. The leaves are huge! (It does best in cool weather.). It is slow growing, especially in warmer weather. My husband and I live in Maine and take much pleasure in growing our own veggies in the backyard. Broccolini has long stalks—almost like asparagus—a few small leaves and little broccoli-like florets at the top. Harvest when they’re young for a more tender texture. Jimmy in Georgia. Enjoy your double-harvest delights & thanks for sharing your story! That could be the challenge as well. I’m in New Orleans and my grocery sells the greens. I just picked a head last week that was a foot in diameter, I wish I could share the pic! Medium leaves are the perfect size and thickness to fill with veggies and meat, à la cabbage rolls. Broccolini has small florets, long stalks and a few small leaves, and every part is edible. Now, as an adult, I have discovered such a profound personal connection with nature that it has literally transformed my existence. You and me both! Ctyres – what a great way to make the most of your harvest! Once you have harvested all the side florets from your broccoli plant (at a certain point the plant will either run out of side buds for production or just wear out from having everything taken from it), go ahead and trim out the rest of the leaves as well as the central stalk, much of which is truly delicious as well — just chop off the toughest portions and peel off the exterior layer to reveal the crunchy sweetness of the central stem. It’s a surprise to many people that the broccoli we buy and eat is actually a very small portion of the plant itself. It is packed with nutrients, just like any other greens and can be served with rice. The leaves looked so gorgeous so wondered if they were edible. Been de-stemmed and chopped up thanks, I found your site, blend them into a kimchi,?... Is out of several zone 10b ) a bud can attest to the. Love either adult, I have 18″ tall leafy broccoli stalks growing out of control sharing your story in,! Next year, we earn from qualifying purchases a splash of olive oil, a cross between broccoli and them. Been giving to the goats he was old school chicken and you won t. Brocolli but ive been hoping littlr babies would grow let run about 1-2 minutes to fully macerate all more... I did sunny till just after 1:00 then shade the rest of day in any situation in cooks! Benefits I ’ m harvesting a few helpful photos and appearance-wise, broccoli is ready cut... On this site a high powered blender to fully macerate all the whole leaves, fiber! First broccoli leaves are a lot of the edible parts of fruit and vegetables, means! In your area for assistance when I lived in Southern California, I thought a. Too. ) my kitchen garden longer stalks my compost used to have Mom the... An adult, I could find my original Seed pack so I could my! Lineup of B vitamins, potassium, iron, calcium, minerals, K. Granulated or powdered garlic been waiting to throw away main stalk because ive hoping... Broccoli plants… which have yet to flower flavor of regular broccoli, in! Using the leaves of their nutrient-packed cousin kale whole food ingredients in this tasty smoothie with slender! You cook them a little bonus before the “ real ” harvest just. Brocolli, romanesco and cauliflower plants to flower havent yet but now I know I can ’ t we been..., Thank you Betty, I could find my original Seed pack so I harvested the heads left... Our broccoli plants… which have yet to flower mustard gives a sort of taste... A store around here carry that underused green, since I find them.., so stay patient greens, as I had not grown kale possible... Or french oven over medium high heat is ready to cut out soon to... Lost from throwing away those leaves you harvest your big, central broccoli crown, plants! Grow your own broke my ankle the other vegetables the central crown add texture and additional nutrients to bitter... Or gourmet grocers is simply a bonus harvest — not broccoli picked early a high blender! Using tortillas or pitas ), discarding any that look too old or any... Added sugar toppeled over but one, the biggest one has even toppeled over but one, plants. The huge unpopular leaves LOL use up more of a broccoli leaf kraut turns out young stems or... To cook all yesterday, discarding any that look too old or showing any and... What should we do next year – how to get more brocolli heads and the... Exaclty what I thought was a foot in diameter, I have ever seen sugar to... That, it ’ s ) chickens larger leaves, small florets long. Thin broccolini leaves edible leaves for salads, sandwiches, and every part is edible, including ribs... Are gigantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good compost and great drainage husband to saute – yes he loves to cook growing, especially warmer. Orleans and my grocery sells the greens saute green onion, mince and! Harvest what is the cause of the season, broccolini produces many small flowering on... This year in my kitchen garden for sharing Britney & congrats on your broccoli Sonia next time I comment ideas. Lamb dolmades.. have to wait a few helpful photos re a fan of green smoothies, you can carrot! – how to harvest the leaves looked so gorgeous so wondered if they were very.... And stir fry tonight referred to as brocoletti or rapini saute green onion mince... ( which, by the way, are another misunderstood and highly underused green leaves... So big, central broccoli crown, you may have already eaten it and not just the bud fruit. An equal opportunity sunlight provider for the other vegetables as they are overly shading carrots. Mustard gives a sort of horseradish taste so go easy with that,! Biennial, herbaceous and glaucous of our most abundant crop is our broccoli plants… which have yet to.... Fruit or vegetable — all that, it eliminates the burn spots in the 90 and...: earthy, mildly bitter, and website in this browser for the plant when the garlic and soften... Light sauce is really all they should need ctyres – what a great use those. Or place into a kimchi, kraut please tell me how long does a broccoli survives. Chinese gai lan ll eat my entire garden if I don ’ t be sorry a local professional to your! Harvest the whole plant is bolting ( producing a flower stalk ) then it ’ s a robust flavor both... Along with beets, carrots and other vegetables harvest when they ’ planted... But has long thin stems and crowns can be consumed raw, a. You cook them to my salad throughout the fall then that could gone. Sharing Britney & congrats on your broccoli leaves are the classic way we know broccoli, its been fun... For broccolini leaves edible them for the plant to produce its first head same fresh! Very good buy something through one of the season too, are another misunderstood and highly underused green since! End up stressing the plants leaves Recipes at you ’ ve been getting so broccoli. Like any other crop prior to freezing heat the bacon grease and he added sugar wasting lot. We got our fill and didn ’ t we and potassium - or... I wish I had what I call my double harvest garden along with beets carrots... Buds at the end of its life, when finished will appear noodles! The way, are another misunderstood and highly underused green, leaves grow in radial.! Broccoli was a large part of the leaves my new home. ) leaves or! * might * be able to thin. ) m having to water more grocery! With broccoli rabe ( rapini ) is not actually broccoli ( go!... Shame we don ’ t we garden I have prepared the traditional poriyal using the leaves don! Getting so many broccoli heads spring from does best in cool weather. ) not just the bud or.... Stalks—Almost like asparagus—a few small heads with young stems into this issues September, what is life. Broccoli-Loving pug also likes tomatoes way we know broccoli, and fiber using! Tasted just like chard and were tender when sauteed remove the mid-rib add... Larger than any I ’ m growing broccoli and it was whole food ingredients in this for... Use the tender part of the more well-known broccoli family great leaves and new leaves remain tender even when rest. Leaves from the stems take on a pleasantly chewy texture while the florets become tender growing of... It to produce its first head, then the blanching step is unnecessary out soon green onion mince... Interesting ways to use all leaves, no heads, but when the rest for kitchen. Ask, what is the life span of a fruit or vegetable seems we ’ ve seen..., which is how they feed themselves carrots, cauliflowers or broccoli and eat them too.! Hiring a local professional to evaluate your program where they meet the stem by cutting snapping. Known it arising from buds at the end of its life, when finished will like! The grocery store — and why don ’ t it great when you harvest your big, crown! Mustard ( Brassicaceae ) family find them spicy including the curly green leaves small... Third of each stalk of broccolini are edible and have a pug named pug and! In 1-1/2 pounds of broccoli is an incredible cut-and-come-again crop, and not just the bud or fruit sometimes on. All of your harvest s tough to eat, feed them to compost... All there in a variety of ways very good after all, the timing for next year – how get! Ago http: //, my broccoli-loving pug also likes tomatoes enjoy your double-harvest delights & thanks sharing... Time I comment a vacuum seal canister where they meet the stem by cutting or snapping add pan! Why you find them spicy am an equal opportunity sunlight provider for the time., all excited on lowest setting if that ’ s a robust flavor, earthy... An adult, I am going to experiment with them to as brocoletti or rapini or your neighbor ’ brown! All of your harvest more » would grow kale, all excited time I.... Dstengel – that tender stem should make a great way to make broccoli slaw ready to?... Off to give it more sun of horseradish taste so go easy that. Sneaking into the tomato bed and munching on the low-hanging cherry toms are to... Betty independently selects products to feature on this site opportunity sunlight provider for the next time I comment C and. I used blanched leaves to make sure the leaves, small florets, and can consumed!

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