Depending on the wind direction, we shall fly hot air balloon either from the centre of Phan Thiet city, or close to famous white sand dunes – the driest place in Vietnam. In both cases, after the flight our cars will transport you back to your hotel or other place in the city. The whole adventure will take 3 – 4 hours. The flight itself shall take around 1 hour.

Flight from Phan Thiet city centre:

We will start our journey from the central square of Phan Thiet city. The hot air balloon will gently carry us over the buzzing streets of rising city, and the river, where small fishing boats are resting in the rising sun. We will approach the sea shore, and if the winds are favourable, we will even fly a part of our journey over the sea itself. It is only one of the two places in the world that we know of where such adventure is possible! As we will head back towards the land, we will witness rural life of locals, and land in serendipious fields about 15 kilometres from the city.

Flight near Mui Ne over white sand dunes:

We will lift off in rural area, and you will see farmers working in the fields, and cattle grazing dry grass. The Mars-like colour of the landscape shall soon be contrasted by white sand dunes with shining diamond in the middle: a desert lake. A huge statue of Buddha shall wish us well as the hot air balloon passes by. All this, combined with nearing seashore, gives and impression of the most unusual place indeed. As if we were visiting a different planet.


5AM: pickup from your hotel or other place the city
6AM: start of flight
7AM: landing, initiation ceremony for the first-time flyers
8AM: transportation back

Don’t forget:

Wear convenient casual non-synthetic clothes
Bring on cameras together with protective cases
Bring on your hats and caps

Price includes:

Transport from and to hotel or other place in the city
The flight
Light breakfast after landing
Certificate of the Hot Air Balloon flyer

$165 person

It is called “low season” not because the weather is bad, but because there are few tourists during that time in Mui Ne / Phan Thiet. While during the day you might expect some occasional showers, mornings when we fly are mostly calm and beautiful

$165 person

Yes, it’s crowded in Mui Ne during high season. But only down below. In the air it’s different. Better. Calmer. Happier. Book a ride with us and see for yourself!

Depending on the wind direction, you will: See Phan Thiet city buzzing in the morning, fishing boats quietly resting in the river, sea shore line, and distant mountains. __ OR __ Enjoy amazing scenery of white sand dunes, red sand fields, green crops, desert lakes, and desert swamps near Mui Ne.
Package includes:
-Pickup from Phan Thiet and Mui Ne hotels
-Airborne time: about 1 hour
-Light breakfast with a glass of champagne
-Lots and lots of fun
Please remember to:
-Dress casually
-Bring cameras with protective cases
-Bring caps or hats, or ask us to provide one
Location & Contact Details
Tel: +84907142011 (Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Wechat, IMessage)
Cancellation Policy
If the flight is cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions or due to fault of Vietnam Balloons, the customers can chose alternative date or FULL REFUND.

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October 28, 2019

Gréât expérience !
The staff was very nice.
They are very professionnel !
I definitly recommend it

Cyril from Paris France

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